BinaryLabs releases universal version of Dexteria for iDevices

Following the enthusiastic response it received on the iPad, BinaryLabs has decided to release Dexteria for all iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app was especially praised by therapists and parents of children with special needs. …

The best text messaging apps for the iPhone

Text messaging in the US is a rather expensive feature. Even the developing world outclasses US carriers in the text messaging dept. However, things are set to get worse as AT&T begins to “streamline” the company’s text messaging plans. This …

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McAfee releases new iPhone security app to protect against data theft

McAfee has long been a giant in the PC security industry. It has a fine line of security software programs for both on-line and off-line use. Now the company plans on entering the smart phone market. Smartphones are becoming more …

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Free iPhone apps that help you manage your fuel costs

Information is key to keeping costs down. If you can manage all the relevant data, then you can get an accurate picture of how much you are spending and then manage your budget accordingly. This is where mobile phones in …

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TinyChat iPhone app

TinyChat has released its first iOS app: TinyChat FB. This innovative app allows users to have a video chat with up to 12 Facebook friends through the iPhone.

Unlike other video chat apps like Fring, Tango or Skype, users …

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Best free iPhone apps for Facebook

Facebook may see new competition in the form of Google+ and Twitter but it still boasts over 750 million active users. Interestingly, the social networking site is also highly frequented by smartphone users (57% according to Ofcom). iPhone users, in …

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Great apps for journalists (part 2)

Last week we looked at some interesting apps that can really help journalists on the move. This week we look at a few more interesting apps. iOS devices allow journalists to access incredible amount of material and do unprecedented amount …

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Great apps for journalists (Part 1)

The iPhone and the iPad have touched virtually every profession in the world. From boardrooms to the battlefields, virtually every environment and profession seems to have a variety of dedicated apps. This is certainly beneficial for all those who have …

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Three fantastic games released for the iPhone and iPad

Cut the Rope: Experiments ($0.99) & Experiments HD ($1.99)
This is not an elaborate or coded title. It means what it says. In the sense, all you have to do is cut the rope. The game, which has been …

Kindle Vs Nook on iOs

On Monday, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble introduced improved features to their iOS apps. As a result, the Kindle now allows users to view more than 100 newspapers and magazine titles. Meanwhile the Nook will offer access to 175

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