Apple Battery HD – Modern iOS Battery Theme

Apple Battery HD

Apple Battery HD is essentially an overhauled version of the original Apple Battery theme which released in back in 2008 and then in Cydia soon after.  Since it’s initial release, Apple Battery has received more than 450k downloads and remains …


Star Trek LCARS HD

Another bit of Science fiction has now become reality on your iPhone – now in full HD! This Star Trek LCARS theme was originally featured on Gizmodo when the SD version was first released in 2009. Now, to accompany the …


RevolveHD iPhone/iPad/iPod Theme

RevolveHD is an amazing theme available in the Cydia Store. Comes complete with lots of icons and optional Custom UI. Compatible with all devices including iPads, iPhones, and iPods, both HD/SD.


Was the iPhone 5 real?

As soon as the iPhone 4S was revealed, many across the industry were frankly shocked because expectations of a radically transformed iPhone 5 did not materialise. The idea that Apple would simply pack in a enhanced hardware and a few …

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T-Mobile to experience losses with iPhone 4S

T-Mobile is now the only major carrier that does not feature the iPhone, a device which has captured the hearts of all its major competitors. Now some analysts think that the company is going to suffer for its decision. T-Mobile …

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iOS 5.0.1 seems to do the trick

What could have been the greatest disaster for the iPhone 4S, at-least in terms of public relations, has been averted it seems, with the release of the iOS 5.0.1. The culprit was a series of bugs that drained away the …

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Improvements that we ought to see in the iPhone 5 (part 2)

The iPhone 4S, as we saw earlier is now probably the best smartphone on the market today, but as amazing as this phone is, there is plenty of room for improvement. In this post, we look at yet another list …

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Walmart releases new iPhone app

The iPhone and iPad have come to affect many parts of our lives and as more firms begin to embrace iOS products, it is becoming easier to integrate and coordinate different parts of lives without the hassles that we have …

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Secret iPhone panorama camera mode revealed through hack

The iPhone it seems, is literally a box of tricks and one of its tricks has been unlocked recently by a software expert named condradev. His discovery – a hidden panorama mode – has sent very enthusiastic shock waves across …

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New AT&T iPhone VoIP app for international calls

VoIP has been nothing short of a revolutionary force in the realm of communication and popular apps such as Skype have fundamentally changed the way people communicate with each other, especially with regards to long distances. Understandably, major carriers have …

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