Apple Battery HD

Apple Battery HD is essentially an overhauled version of the original Apple Battery theme which released in back in 2008 and then in Cydia soon after.  Since it’s initial release, Apple Battery has received more than 450k downloads and remains available in Cydia for install on SD devices today.

The new Apple Battery HD maintains the same contemporary concept from the original design but has been re-rendered in a more realistic matte finish and in high resolution to support Retina devices. Support for non-Retina devices is also included.

This modern battery theme features a customized Apple logo with screw on metallic plate and LED-like indicator bars that range from red (low) to green (high) to display battery life while charging.

Simply install from Cydia then activate in WinterBoard to get this fantastic theme up and running on your jailbroken device.

Special Thanks to all who have supported the Apple Battery theme since it’s inception.  Enjoy!

Developer: Allen



  • Pixel perfect high-resolution images for the Retina display
  • Sleek metallic Apple logo design with screw on plates
  • LED-like colored indicator bars to signify power levels