Another bit of Science fiction has now become reality on your iPhone – now in full HD! This Star Trek LCARS theme was originally featured on Gizmodo when the SD version was first released in 2009. Now, to accompany the new release of Star Trek: The Next Generation The Next Level on Blu-ray you can experience the classic theme in full HD glory on your iPhone 4 and 4s.

This theme now includes 38 HD icons, which fit together to create the typical and usable LCARS style interface for your iPhone. A new folder design lets you hide your other apps in LCARS style folders. Impress your friends with the slick calculator, especially designed for the iPhone’s interface. A wide range of other features such as a custom dialer, sounds, custom badges, chat bubbles and status bar icons complete this unique theme.

A complete installation tutorial can be found on the author’s blog

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Price: Free

Version: 3.0

Developer: lyndwode