What could have been the greatest disaster for the iPhone 4S, at-least in terms of public relations, has been averted it seems, with the release of the iOS 5.0.1. The culprit was a series of bugs that drained away the battery of any iPhone that featured Apple’s revolutionary iOS 5 update. Apple did not get too specific with the bugs but the consensus is that there was something wrong with some of the synchronisation features, which ultimately caused the iPhone battery to exhaust itself.


The new update, which is available now, is 790 MB in size, takes around 10 minutes to download. By all accounts, the new update seems to do the trick and users have reported that the effects of the change have been very positive. In addition to fixing the power-related bugs, the update also contains quite a few security fixes that is further elaborated in the Apple website. The update, which surfaced relatively quickly following the initial complaints of poor battery life mean that Apple has managed to get the job done rather quickly, a welcome move, considering how it has responded to some issues in the past.

The update itself will mean that now users will no longer have to shut down some of the new features that initially came with iOS 5, which has taken the iPhone to a completely new level. It also means that Apple is not going to have another PR disaster on its hands as it did last time around with the “antennagate” that came up with the iPhone 4. So far, the overall approval of the iPhone 4S has been immensely positive despite the fact that analysts and consumers alike were initially disappointed with Apple for not releasing an “iPhone 5” with a radical overhaul. Instead, the current version has won over critics with enhanced hardware and groundbreaking technology such as the Siri voice command system.