The iPhone 4S, as we saw earlier is now probably the best smartphone on the market today, but as amazing as this phone is, there is plenty of room for improvement. In this post, we look at yet another list of things that should be improved on the iPhone 4S. One thing everyone should remember, is that creating an amazing product is no easy task, so the ultimate product will be depend heavily on factors such as technology, marketing, pricing, and of course, the overall Apple ecosystem that plays a strong part on the development of the iPhone.

The following are some of the additional improvements that should really be featured in the next generation iPhone.

An enhanced Siri: Apple has managed to take voice command to the next level while its rivals have cleverly pushed it aside for the past few months. However, the system still has its flaws including the fact that it cannot properly understand sophisticated words and the integration with other features is still rather immature. A refinement of this technology would be a great plus point for Apple.

Near Field Communication (NFC):  Call Google what you want, but the fact that it is trying hard to introduce a mobile payment system with NFC technology may very well be the biggest revolution in mobile technology for the years to come. It could very well herald a huge change in our shopping habits and have wider ramifications. It could reduce the role of credit cards and paper money; not to mention, it will give Google huge amount of influence if the service is widely adopted. The iPhone must either fall in line or Apple should offer something similar to the Google Wallet, it has the means and the necessary reach, so any attempt would be successful in some sort.

3D Display: Yet another to the testament of the innovative capabilities of its rivals is the adoption of 3D technology, which the iPhone is yet to feature. While this feature may not be in Apple’s most anticipated list, there is no doubt that if the iPhone is going to play a larger role in entertainment and gaming, then it must introduce 3D technology sooner or later.