The iPhone and iPad have come to affect many parts of our lives and as more firms begin to embrace iOS products, it is becoming easier to integrate and coordinate different parts of lives without the hassles that we have become accustomed to in many ways. Now Walmart, which is somewhat like Apple in the supermarket industry, has begun adopting the iPhone and iPad in earnest in hopes of capturing a wider market and making the shopping experience much more simpler for existing customers. Hence, it has now launched an excellent iPhone app, just a month or so after launching an app for the iPad. The objective here is to allow customers to manage their shopping, just like anything else they could manage with their iPhones.

Thanks to the smart shopping list tool, customers can now create a shopping list by either typing in the name or scanning the barcode of the relevant products. Users could also combine this list with a budgeting tool that provides the prices of the products and lets them calculate the exact amount they would need even before leaving the house. Hence, no one would have to leave home with a few dollars short ever again. The app also allows users to find and make use of manufacturer’s coupons that can be printed from an email.

Customers will also be able to check up on information including reviews, prices and availability by typing in the name of the products or scanning QR codes. Yet, the most exciting tool is probably the store finder tool that tells people exactly where the products they are looking for are located. The feature is also designed to work with the smart shopping list tool so that you know exactly where to find everything on your shopping list, which is bound to save time and money.