The iPhone it seems, is literally a box of tricks and one of its tricks has been unlocked recently by a software expert named condradev. His discovery – a hidden panorama mode – has sent very enthusiastic shock waves across iPhone communities all around. Once activated, the app allows the user to shoot continuously from left-to right. What’s interesting that the presence of the app almost definitely means that Apple is planning some very exciting features to go with the next iOS update.

Soon after the discovery was announced, a number of other developers confirmed the findings as well. The jailbreak developer chpwn, has released a new version of his iPhone jailbreak in Cydia called Firebreaker, that will allow users to enable the panorama mode on iPhones that are already using this jailbreak.

Now as it is, the feature does work but it is still not properly refined. The feature was most probably included in the existing code for testing purposes. This also probably means that it will be ready for release sooner or later. Apple, which obviously cannot be happy with this finding, has remained tight-lipped as always. The company has already been working hard to release a patch for the battery-draining bug that has plagued the devices that recently adopted the iOS 5 update.

What this means in the long run is that Apple is beginning to take a renewed interest in the camera feature, which is one of the few areas that its rivals have surged ahead in many ways. Another suggestion is that Apple is still waiting for feedback on the features it recently released with the iOS 5 update, which also contained numerous improvements to the camera interface. Perhaps, it wants to release these other updates slowly over the course of the next few cycles, while also ensuring that compatibility and functionality are not compromised.