At around this time last year, Apple came under a lot of criticism as the “Antennagate” disaster began to unravel and threatened to destroy the brand value of the iPhone 4. After initially stumbling with its response, Apple moved from playing down the rumours to accusing its rivals of similar service, before finally launching a free bumper case programme for the iPhone 4. This helped finally stem the level of criticism the company was facing regarding its flagship product. However, things took another turn to the worse when Consumer Reports released a relatively scathing response and declined to recommend the iPhone 4.


In retrospect, the fact that the venerable publication refused to endorse the product did very little to Apple’s overall brand image. It did not discourage millions from buying the phone and nor did it help displace the iPhone 4 from the top rankings. In fact, until the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S2 this year, no other rival device was able to displace the iPhone 4. However, the fact that it did receive a negative review, helped harden critics who have lambasted the iPhone as something that has more hype than performance.

 This time around, Apple’s iPhone 4S managed to get a very good review. Consumer Reports confirmed that the device did not suffer from any antenna issues that plagued the iPhone 4. Moreover, it also mentioned that the iPhone 4S battery did very well when subjected to the standard tests. This should further help reassure consumers that the recent reports regarding poor battery life had more to do with a few software bugs rather than any inherent hardware problem. Apple has already indicated that it has started efforts to identify and fix the faults as soon as possible.

 In the long-term, the new Consumer Reports review is sure to enhance the image of the iPhone 4S and help reinforce its position as the best selling smart phone on the market today.