The iPhone 4S had injected some fresh energy into the competition with improved hardware, amazing new features and of course, the characteristic Apple ecosystem. However, there is still a lingering feeling amongst many enthusiasts and critics that the iPhone 4S has been rather underwhelming overall, especially because for months before its launch rumours were rife with the so-called iPhone 5, which was said to feature a radically changed design and even 4G technology. Now as the dust begins to settle, analysts are beginning to focus on everything that the iPhone 4S can improve on.


The following are some of the possible improvements that really should be featured on the next generation of the iPhone.


1. 4G technology: One of the most stunning disappointments with the iPhone 4S was the lack of 4G support. As its main rivals were actively building devices to make the best of the latest generation of mobile technology, Apple’s decision to stick with 3G seemed to put the iPhone 4S a step back in time.

 2. A new design: The one good thing about keeping the same design as the iPhone 4 was that consumers were able to use their existing cases and accessories (users who were upgrading from the iPhone 4). But let’s face it, one of the most appealing things about the iPhone is its design and unless it creates a radical new design, its fans are sure to be disappointed.

 3. A larger screen: As its Android rivals create ever larger – greater than 4 inches- screens, Apple’s iPhone is increasingly looking like a dwarf. Certainly, the fact that one can easily hold the iPhone 4S with one hand is only because it retains a relatively smaller screen size but there is plenty of room for some modest increase in size. Even a simple 4-inch screen will be appreciated.