As rumours and complaints start flooding in regarding Sprint’s service, following the debut of the Apple iPhone 4S on its network, it has made numerous attempts to dispel all the negative publicity. Now, CEO Dan Hesse himself has come forward to try to address the issue.


In a statement, Hesse first defended the quality of Sprint’s network and went on to say that reports of the iPhone 4S over-taxing the network is untrue, but rather the opposite is true. He claimed that since the iPhone 4S uses 50% less data than the latest generation of Android phones. Hence, the stress put on the system is significantly reduced. He added that this development will allow Sprint to offer unlimited data plans for much longer than it originally hoped to do so.


As of now the company claims that reports of poor service have reduced significantly and attributed the temporary fall in the quality of service to the unusually large volume of iPhone activations on the same day. This is somewhat of a fare argument, especially if you keep in mind that even Apple’s servers had to shut down after getting overwhelmed following the release of the iOS 5.

 Despite the benefits and the fact that the iPhone 4S has attracted record amounts of customers onto the Sprint network, the reality is that Sprint is not set to see a profit from the phone until 2015. Considering the fact that data speeds are beginning to return to normal over, the damage to Sprint’s reputation seems to have been minimized. Hence, the company can continue to reap the benefits of the iPhone, both in terms of revenue and publicity, without having to worry about any negative long-term impact like that which ruined AT&T’s reputation early on (and still continues to do so). In the meantime, the unlimited data plans are sure to help.