Now in the context of the grand picture, some people would feel torn between a variety of brands, and in the case of Apple Vs Google, it seems like most people still prefer a host of Gmail services while still heavily using their iPhones. Gmail, is simple, elegant and very secure by industry standards. Thus, it has been a noticeable exception from the iOS eco-system. Now, however, there are rumours that this might finally change. In fact, sources claim than an official Gmail app, complete with “push notifications,” has already been prepared, developed and sent to Apple for review. Assuming Apple approves of the app, it will then be featured in the iTunes store.


Prior to the emergence of an official Gmail app, the only way to check the Gmail inbox was via third-party apps and the mobile browser. Despite the ease of checking emails, there were no push notifications available with these notifications, which mean that when you get an email, you will not be notified automatically, but rather, you would have to check your inbox manually. The new app offers push notifications and a whole lot more as well. Including the ability to start messages and label them accordingly.

 Apart from the standard features, there is also a strong possibility that the app will feature a number of user interface improvements and even Google + integrations. Some of these features were indeed showcased in a leaked video earlier this year but it is yet to be seen if these features will be displayed in the final version. Apple has already approved Google +, hence integration with Google’s social networking site may make sense if you want to gain access to a wider pool of contacts when sending and receiving emails. On a broader note, Apple’s change of heart towards the official Gmail app seems to have been triggered with the release of the new iOS 5, which features an amazing new notification system.