The iPhone is proving to be the ‘black gold’ of the mobile world for various national carriers in the US. As with black gold, it has turned out to be as much as a blessing as a curse; we all know the case of AT&T. Now it seems that the Sprint has become the next victim of the iPhone curse. The company has received a slew of complaints from irate customers who claim that the data speeds are unusually slow. A number of prominent tech critics, one of whom complained that it was something akin to waiting in line for the Internet, has echoed the sentiment. For a company that has failed to make a profit since 2007, the news could be incredibly damaging.


In Sprint’s defence, there is no solid evidence that there service is poor, all accounts are based on user experience, which we all know can differ based on a variety of factors, especially geographical factors. Moreover, most of the feedback was collected as soon as the iPhone was released; a period that definitely sees a lot of online usage, made more so by the release of iOS 5. Sprint itself, came out to reassure its users that is the service was performing as expected and they were monitoring everything to ensure that there are no major problems.

 At the end of the day, no one should be entirely surprised if Sprint cannot provide a stellar service; because its speciality is 4G and the iPhone 4S will not feature a 4G version. However, from a PR standpoint this could prove to be more damaging in time to come. If people know AT&T for anything these days, it’s probably for the poor data services. The perception of AT&T’s poor service is not entirely true and while the company has taken remarkable steps to address this deficit, the negative feedback it attracted early on is still making itself felt.