Over the past few days, the complaints regarding the battery performance of the iPhone 4S have grown immensely and a quick glance of Google Trends shows that inquires regarding the iPhone 4S battery has surged while inquiries regarding Android batteries have remained constant. Back then, the company was sued multiple times with regards to poor battery performance. Apple claimed that the iPhone battery was designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 400 full charge and discharge cycles. However, irate customers took the company to court claiming that the number of charges the iPhone could before it needed to replaced was more like 300 charges.


The current crisis, thankfully, may not be related to the battery at all but rather the new iOS 5 system. The reason for this assumption is that even older models that upgraded to iOS 5 have suffered from poor battery performance. The chances are that there is some sort of bug that is constantly using battery intensive applications and draining the battery.

The following are some tips that will help your iPhone battery last longer until Apple can released a more stable fix.

Disable “Setting Time Zone”: The iPhone automatically updates the time and date of the phone depending on the information gathered from the service provider. Some think that a bug is prompting the iPhone to constantly check the location of the phone. However, keep in mind that switching this off means that you will have to manually set the time each time you enter a different time zone.

Disable Location services for Reminders: The new reminders system is based on your proximity to relevant places. Constantly checking your location can drain the battery and more so if there is some sort of bug. Therefore, try switching this off as well.

Disable Push Notifications: One recommended course of actions would be to disable the Mail Push for Apple’s Mail App. This means that mail will be collected based on a predetermined schedule rather than on a “push basis.”