Most reviews featuring the iPhone 4S have focused on a narrow range of issues: Siri, enhanced hardware and iOS 5. However, the fact is that the iPhone comes loaded with yet another impressive feature underneath its perfectly toned body: Bluetooth 4.0. The reason for this glaring omission is obvious; in the expectations to see an iPhone 5 with a radically designed body and super enhanced hardware, people forgot to even consider the other amazing features that Apple has devoted to the iPhone 4S. As time passed by, we have seen how people are now embracing Siri and really appreciating the iPhone 4S for what it is at the end of the day: the best smart phone on the market right now.


The main advantage with Bluetooth 4.0 is that it consumes far less power than traditional Bluetooth devices. With this feature, the iPhone 4S has gained the ability to communicate with a variety of low-power devices including special thermometers and scales. As a result, the iPhone 4S (and other products featuring Bluetooth 4.0) promise to become a much larger part of our lives in the months and years to come. As of now, only the Motorola Droid Razr from the Android range of smart phones comes loaded with this amazing piece of technology. The technology itself was only released last year and now that the iPhone 4S has adopted Bluetooth 4.0, rivals are bound to follow.

 As of now, there are two types of Bluetooth enabled devices now: the low-powered devices and the normal power devices, such as the standard mobile phones and computers. The low-powered Bluetooth devices, which also feature single-mode low-power radio, are classified as Bluetooth smart devices. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth 4.0 devices, which feature two radios – one low-powered radio and a normal one- are classified as Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.