The iPhone 4S is already generating praise for its relatively well performing battery but everyone who has got their hands on the iPhone 4S already knows that more is never good enough. Even as manufactures introduce better performing batteries, technicians are already developing the next generation of battery intensive applications. Hence, to make the best of the battery you have, you need to make some small efficiency focused changes to the iPhone setup. This does not mean that we ought to choose one extreme and shut down all external applications found on the iPhone, but rather make small changes to get the best user experience without having to charge the phone every few minutes.


1. Turn-off unnecessary connections: Whenever possible, disable unnecessary connections such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. If you are at work and you have your own PC, then you would not exactly need these connections because you will be able to access these features via PC. The best times to use these connections are when you are on the move or you do not have access to a PC (and internet).

2. Adjust Brightness: when you are at home or at the office, turn down the screen brightness. This needlessly drains your battery. Activate the brightness when you are heading outside but remember to turn it off when you are inside.

3. Disable 3G: Unless you need fast connection speeds, turn off the 3G because this takes a significant toll on the iPhone’s battery.

4. Notification settings: Adjust your synchronisation and notification settings because the constant updates can quickly wear down even the toughest battery. The best thing to do would be to manually refresh unessential apps.

 5. Careful of the multi-tasking: Sometimes you might use your iPhone for music, movies, social networking and general communication. If you have any important work, then tone down on the multi-tasking and focus on one simple set of applications.