All those who did not get their hands on the new iPhone 4S, had to manually download the iOS 5 update. Now we all remember how the iOS 4 update went, but when comparing the two situations, it now abundantly clear that this time’s experience was infinitely better. As soon as the update was made available, Apple’s servers crashed for a while due to the unexpected volume of downloads. However, when the confusions cleared it was possible to finally focus on the performance of the new updates and fortunately it did not disappoint; well at-least not everyone.


Even iPhone 3GS users were not faced with unexpected updated horrors and the performance was less taxing on older models in general. Certainly, there were problems in the initial stages, with some consumers bringing up complaints including a surge in the battery usage, no Siri, slower response and the disappearance of certain app. The majority, it seems, however, were quite pleased indeed. The iOS 5 update brings a host of new features that promise to enhance iPhone experience with updates to the camera interface, notifications, a new system of reminders, photo stream, etc. This is ultimately a good thing for Apple which has lately been accused of deliberately abandoning users of the older iPhone models. As noted earlier, hardware manufactures in general are more inclined to release updates focused on the latest generation of their products since they don’t really make  a lot of money from the older models.

The fact that Apple has managed to launch a stunning update that goes easy on the older models of the iPhone is a remarkable thing. However, owners of the older iPhone models should keep in mind that Apple will not be able to accommodate older models of the iPhone forever. As the next generation iPhone hits the market, Apple will be more focused on accommodating the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.