The iPhone 4S is actually one of the most expensive phones the market today but for some it can actually get far more expensive. As thousands, if not millions, queued outside Apple stores all over the country to get their hands on the “regular” iPhone 4S, millionaires and billionaires were getting set to place their orders with a different agent: Stuart Hughes. He has already laid out his plans to unveil pimped-out versions of the iPhone, dubbed the “Billionaire Toys” edition. As the name helpfully suggests you will have to be making some serious money to be able to afford these versions of the iPhone.


The phones will come in two very distinct varieties: Billionaire Toys Gold Edition and the Billionaire Toys Platinum edition. Both models will be strictly restricted to 1000 units each (it’s not like most of could afford it anyway) and will feature some seriously pimped 32GB iPhone 4S handsets, which will cost $3,795 per unit.

The Billionaire Gold iPhone 4S will come coated with 24ct gold and feature around 500 crystals embedded within the handset frame. In addition, another 53 hand set stones will be used to create the Apple logo. The pimped out iPhone will also come with some seriously pimped headphones that will be encrusted with crystals.

The Billionaire Platinum iPhone 4S will feature a crystal encrusted frame and logo embedded within a platinum coated body.

With these enhancements, users can turn the most popular smart phone on the market to the most expensive smart phone on the market. Thus, creating the ultimate status symbol for anyone who likes to mix high-end technology with extreme luxury. Another advantage of such an extreme makeover is that you can at-least ensures that the value of such a phone will remain high even after it has been surpassed by more advanced versions. However, anyone actually willing to spend so much on a pimped out version of the iPhone is probably not too concerned about the after-sales value.