The iPhone is a lot of things but as amazing as this gadget is, it is not immune to the occasional mishaps on the part of iPhone users. In its natural state (lacking a really good casing), the iPhone is very vulnerable to all sorts of damage every year thousands of users are affected by various accidents or theft. Like most other high-end smart phones, a loss could mean a huge financial disaster for the owner of the phone. After all, an iPhone can easily cost as much as a reasonable PC. For a long time this delicate and incredibly popular device was at the mercy of the user’s luck but thanks to insurance schemes for smart phones, the iPhone users can sleep peacefully at night. Now, Apple plans to take its insurance coverage to the next level and provide iPhone users with unrivalled service.


The new plan, dubbed AppleCare+, will be available exclusively for iPhone users for $50 a month. It will provide one year’s worth of hardware coverage and 90 days of telephone tech support. Since a new iPhone automatically comes with one year limited warranty, the total cover is increased to two years. More importantly, it allows for up to two “incidents of accidental damage due to handling.” Most other rivals smart phone makers also offer limited one-year guarantees but these do not cover accidents or theft, but rather they are confined to manufacturing defects only.

The AppleCare+ will also rivals the insurance schemes provided by carriers such as Verizon and AT&T. The former offers a scheme called “Total Equipment Coverage”, which covers accidents and theft. Meanwhile, AT&T offers $7/month scheme, which covers a variety of accidents and theft. In the long run, Apple’s move maybe aimed at creating a more fulfilling iPhone user experience and slowly distancing itself from carriers within the US. AppleCare+ will be available for $100 from October 14th onwards.