In a digital world, it seems like the only commodity that seems to decrease over time is sleep and how much one can achieve on a standard day. Thanks to a wide range of gadgets and technology, it seems impossible to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, we even prepare ourselves for an interrupted sleep by taking our smart phones to bed with us. Sleep itself cannot be underrated; most experts agree that an average adult needs around 9 hours of sleep every day in order to function properly. A low amount of sleep can contribute to fatigue and stress, which can ruin your entire day. Now, however, thanks to Zeo, the Sleep manager app helps monitor your sleep almost like a professional sleep lab.


The app is connected to a headset that measures a variety of factors including brain activity, eye movement, and other signals in like, deep and REM sleep. These measurements are generally the type taken taken at a professional sleep lab but are finally available to average consumers. The band transmits the signals via Bluetooth to the iPhone or iPad. Once the measurements have been taken, the data is sent to Zeo, which uses the information to improve the person’s REM sleep. In addition, the app syncs with other apps such as RunKeeper and Daily Burn. The former is an application that monitors your running while the latter monitors your nutrition intake. Since, exercise and nutrition matter a lot with regards to sleep, this integration improves the effectiveness of the app.

Now do not get ready to cancel your appointment with a professional sleep lab just yet because according to Zeo the Sleep Manager app is still slightly less accurate than a professional sleep lab, which is probably 7/8th as accurate as a full sleep lab. On a side note, it is interesting to note the expanding role of smart phones, especially that of the iPhone in the zone of personal health and nutrition.