As news of the iPhone 4S first emerged at the recent Apple Conference, the general mood was quite negative: investors panicked (Apple’s share price fell by 5% initially), critics predicted the end of Apple’s reign and its rivals began silently rejoicing. In a short look back, it seems like Apple will have the last laugh as it announced that pre-orders for the iPhone exceeded the one million mark in a single day. The popularity of the upcoming iPhone was never at question, but after it was unveiled that there would be no iPhone 5, but rather an upgraded version of the iPhone 4S, many were concerned that the popularity of the iPhone might decrease over time. However, the latest figures show, those concerns were severely misplaced.

Now the important thing to remember about this development is that this may not necessarily reflect the views of those who are not hardcore Apple fans. Unlike its rivals, Apple has managed to create a cult-like following amongst tech enthusiasts who embrace everything Apple and this segment of consumers is significant enough to seriously influence and boost Apple’s initial sales. Apple’s amazing marketing and support services, also helps create the kind of Apple ecosystem that none of its competitors have managed to develop. This is probably because Apple has managed to focus on both services and hardware while rivals simply focus on churning out gadgets with better hardware.

The iPhone 4S, relative to the competition, may not find it as easy as previous generations of the iPhone because this time its rivals have released a wide variety of high-end smart phones, and some of which actually outclass the iPhone in terms of hardware. Meanwhile, the ever-improving Android system is beginning to give the iOS platform a run for its money. Now while rivals may be able to outclass Apple in terms of hardware, they are still unable to grasp the importance of marketing and support services, which are essential for successful products (i.e. the iPhone).