Over the past year, ever since the introduction of the iPhone 4, we have been obsessing over the release of the iPhone 5. We made a host of predictions regarding revolutionary new hardware and software features but unfortunately, not many of our high-end expectations came to pass. Most analysts did not even consider the possibility of Apple launched an enhanced version of the iPhone 4 rather than a radically designed iPhone 5. However, there are some important features embedded in the iPhone 4S that deserve some attention.

Most obvious of all, is the fact that Apple has finally launched a 64GB version of the iPhone, which came as a bit of a surprise since it seemed to be more inclined towards focusing on cloud storage. Either way, this is welcome move. Moreover, by maintaining the original screen-size, the iPhone 4S becomes fully compatible with the wide range of accessories that were originally created for the iPhone 4.  This means that you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars updating your accessories if you were to buy the iPhone 4S.

The new hardware brings it to the level of competing Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation. However, what worries analysts most is the fact by the time Apple releases the iPhone 5, it would have fallen behind its main rivals. For now, sceptics argue that Apple has fallen in line with the pack but optimists argue that Apple still leads, albeit with a thinner margin.

The most enduring part of the new iPhone maybe the new software upgrades which come with apps like “Siri” and the iOS 5. However, as critics already point out, Android has long featured many of the new iOS 5’s so called “amazing” features; so much so, that it is now taken for granted by most Android users. The real effect of the iPhone may become apparent to users within the next few weeks, when we get to take the iPhone 4S for a real spin.