T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer recently posted a letter on the company’s blog stating that T-Mobile will not be getting the iPhone this time around or any time soon for that matter. This is interesting because it means that T-Mobile will be one of the only major service providers who will not be embracing the iPhone any time soon while AT&T, Verizon and (maybe) Sprint become part of the iPhone’s official carriers. So if the iPhone does not matter, then what does? Apparently, it is all about Android for now.

 T-Mobile may have plenty of reasons to just stick with T-Mobile for now. Android has launched a variety of high-end devices that can easily rival the iPhone 4 and even the iPhone 5. The upgraded Android OS and new and improved features are already making Apple’s strategists wonder about the future of the competition. Lately Android seems to have got a decisive edge over Apple but has  consistently failed to create the type of marketing  image and the support services that define the iPhone.
T-Mobile maybe focusing on Android for now, but that does not mean that it is planning to give up on the iPhone. The company emphasized the fact that almost a million unlocked iPhones operate on T-Mobile networks all over the US. Moreover, it plans on holding a “strategic meeting” to decide on its future role concerning the iPhone. If Android consistently improves the quality of its products and services, T-Mobile maybe less inclined to join other service providers become an official iPhone provider. It may also be less interested in making the move after watching Verizon’s much-hyped adoption of the iPhone. Contrary to many analysts, the Verizon iPhone failed to spur the high migrations that were forecasted.  Instead, it barely changed the dynamic of the competition between Verizon and other major providers.