Earlier, the tech world was involved in a strong feeling of déjà vu as it emerged that an Apple employee had lost a prototype of the iPhone 5. This situation was similar to the same on that happened last year when a technician lost a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 4, which was eventually purchased by the tech site Gizmodo and the results of the evaluation were posted online. The experience proved embarrassing for Apple, which has a very strict policy against divulging information. However, it also showed a much darker side of Apple: that of a company willing to do whatever it takes to keep its information under wraps.

The latest security slip proved just as embarrassing for Apple but has not proved as damaging because the lost phone has not turned up at Gizmodo or any other site. However, the approach taken by Apple’s security teams has not done it any favours. Initially, it was reported that two members of the security team had approached the SFPD and told them that a valuable device had gone missing. They were then accompanied by four police officers as they went over to the home of the person they believed had the prototype, Sergio Calderon, and searched his home and car.
However, Calderon had a different version for the SFWeekly. He claimed that six men had come over to his home and identified themselves as police officers and the Apple security personnel did not identify themselves. He also further stated that he would never have allowed them to search his home if he did not think they were police officers. Apple originally focused on Calderon because they believed they had tracked the phone to his place. However, following their failed search, they are trying to get their hands on the surveillance footage of the bar the phone was lost in, which is called Cava 22.
The owners of the bar claim that the security footage may not be as reliable as Apple would think because the cameras only take pictures every three minutes and there is uneven lighting across the bar. Hence, details maybe a bit fuzzy. The owners of the bar have been willing to corporate but they say that Apple has so far not made a request for the footage.