Despite rumoured upgrades to the processor, screen size, RAM and battery, the iPhone 5 will not come with increased internal memory. Like its previous incarnations, the iPhone 5 will only be available in 16GB and 32GB models. This has been confirmed by recent announcements by Vodaphone and other industry analysts. The fixed memory format has been an integral part of Apple’s product line-up and has been a defining characteristic of its iDevices since their inception. However, while the iPod touch and the iPad get the option of 64GB version, the iPhone will not be getting lucky.

Apple’s strategy of only allowing fixed amounts of memory, as opposed to the practice of most of its rivals who allow users to add as much memory as possible via memory cards, is very important to its overall business dynamic. This allows the company to tightly control the hardware makeup of the iPhone and sell different versions of the same phone, without having to make major design changes. This is usually not considered a major issue by iPhone users since even 16GB is a lot of space when you come to think of it. However, if the iPhone is supposed to be used for increasingly more important uses, memory does become an important factor.
It seems that Apple has made a conscious decision to limit the internal memory based on the idea of cloud computing, which is already gaining ground amongst the tech titans. Recently Apple launched the iCloud service that allows users to store their data online. It is reasonable to assume that Apple plans to increase the storage capacity of the service in time to come. This may make the internal storage issue outdated, but it is highly unlikely that Apple will give up on its trend anytime soon. Perhaps future iPhones will come with a standard amount of internal memory and the extra pricing may be decided on the storage capacity on the iCloud service. We’ll have to wait and see.