Samsung’s Galaxy S2 has secured the title of the most popular Android Smartphone and it has already passed the 10 million mark in under two fiscal quarters. This amazing performance is chiefly due to the very impressive specs that come with the phone. It also features a robust version of Android and a very slim and easy-going design. While, Android has managed to capture a larger share of the market for smart phones, no one particular phone has been able to out-perform the iPhone.

Despite the Galaxy S2’s awesome performance, it is dwarfed by that of the iPhone, which managed to sell more than 20 million devices in the 2nd quarter alone. On paper, the Galaxy S2 outclasses the iPhone 4 and may even outperform the iPhone 5. It is also one of the first phones to venture into the dual-core range (along with others including HTC and LG). However, what the Galaxy lacks is the smooth marketing skills that Apple has come to take for granted.  In addition, Apple has managed to develop an unrivalled level of product integration and support services that make the iPhone a virtually hassle free device to operate.
Despite its advantages, Apple is leaving nothing to chance. Recently, it filed multiple lawsuits against Samsung in Europe and Asia, accusing Samsung of infringing its patents. This has had a relatively adverse effect on the Samsung brand. However, it will take much longer to evaluate the long-term effects of all the legal battles.  Apple has also come under increasing fire from Android makers such as HTC, Samsung and others.  The next phase of the battle will be fought on US soil, as Samsung gears up to release the Galaxy in the US while simultaneously trying to block the launch of the iPhone 5 in various markets.