Everyone knows that Apple has planned something big for annual release. There is an almost unanimous agreement amongst market analysts that Apple will be launching a new range of products in October. The focal point of the event is the new and improved version of the iPhone. This is Apple’s annual ritual and it has a powerful effect on tech geeks and Apple fanatics alike. However, while everyone is in agreement that the new iPhone will be coming out soon (October 4th)  very few actually have a good idea of the type of phone that will be released. As it stands, there are two competing views regarding the launch of the iPhone.

One group of analysts claim that Apple will not be launching an iPhone 5 per ce, in the sense it will not be including any revolutionary features, but it would simply be releasing an upgraded version of the iPhone 4. This would mean a bigger screen size, better memory and better processing power but no radical changes to the hardware. This would be something like the iPhone 4S.
Another group of analysts claims that Apple may launch two different types of the iPhone. One would indeed be an iPhone 4S and the other one would be an iPhone 5. The former would be a better-designed version of the iPhone 4 (no more antenna problems for one thing) and the latter would propel the iPhone 5 into the league of next generation iPhones. Make no mistake, as it stands, no matter what Apple says or does, it is actually playing a game of catch-up with the latest range of amazing Android phones.
Given the level of competition that Apple is facing, the chances are that the second analysis is correct. Apple cannot simply offer its users an upgraded iPhone 4 and then hope for the best. The chances are that the iPhone 4S will be a cheaper and more capable than the iPhone 4 (Apple’s attempt to attract lower-income users) and the iPhone 5 will be the high-end version.