Every major manufacturer has two problems: attracting new customers and retaining the ones you have. In a fast-paced industry like that of consumer electronics, retention rates are becoming increasingly more important because they highlight brand loyalty and long-term consumer trends. Right now, the battle for smart phones is undoubtedly between Android and Apple. This is important for a various reasons because both platforms not only follow different strategies but also feature very different operating systems and marketing campaigns. Now a recent poll seems to cast some negative light on the ability of Android to hold on to its customers.

Firstly, the survey itself is small and by no means represents a vast collection of Android users. However, it does deserve some attention because as it stands 31% of Android users are supposed to be ready to switch to Apple’s latest version of the iPhone: the iPhone 5. The device is rumored to be coming out early next month, with dates ranging from the 4th to the 15th. However, despite the fact that analysts are not sure about anything regarding the specs of the iPhone 5, there is still a huge demand for the phone amongst both existing users and users of rival platforms including Android and BlackBerry.

Hence, there is a situation where Apple has been able to create enough hype for its upcoming product without even acknowledging a single fact about it. This is a testament to Apple’s marketing. Certainly, the company has done a miracle with regards to PR and brand image but the fact is that any rumored iPhone 5 (given the specs that we know of) will be actually outclassed in terms of hardware when compared to high-end Android models. Android, has seen its market share jump over the past few years. If we take short-term distortions out of the picture, we might very well see Android leading the field.