Following the enthusiastic response it received on the iPad, BinaryLabs has decided to release Dexteria for all iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app was especially praised by therapists and parents of children with special needs. The company claims that the major challenge it faced with creating an app for the iPhone and iPod touch was the size of the screen. Therefore, it had to completely redesign the app to specifically suit the features of the iPhone and iPod touch, while retaining the same level of functionality that made it popular with iPad users.

Despite being only launched in March, the app managed to reach #1 in the iTunes App Store in June. There are overwhelmingly positive reviews of the app. It has been particularly noted for helping children with poor motor skills to improve their coordination and strength. The experience is different because manages to engage people at a higher level with all the fun and excitement that an iPhone is best known for. It is also a great alternative to exercises that are traditionally based on pencil and paper.

The universal app, as its name suggests, can be installed on any iOS device. Existing customers can purchase it free. Basically, the app comes with a variety of specific finger and hand movements that have been designed by professional therapists. They also incorporate principles of game design and occupational therapy to create a fun and interactive experience.

The app is available for download (App Store, $4.99) in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. Overall, it allows parents and doctors to engage children with special needs and help them improve their skills while also monitoring their long-term rehabilitation and progress. As noted earlier, the app was originally designed for the iPad, but its creators assure users that it is just as effective on the iPhone and iPod Touch.