Freelance writers and journalists have one major advantage: good work flexibility. However, freelance writers also need to keep costs down and be as productive as possible because most of them lack the traditional office environment. Fortunately, as of late, tons of gadgets and applications have been created to help us achieve just that. Combine these apps with the most popular gadget (i.e.: the iPhone) and you could have a very productive work secession.

If you are a freelance writer or journalist who uses a multiple platforms, make sure that you look out for apps that support easy data transfer and compatibility with multiple devices.

The following are some of the best apps for freelancers.
Analytics Pro ($5.99): This allows users to track the volume of traffic to their websites through Google Analytic. The viewing can be customized to for hourly or daily updates. In addition, you can even choose a custom date range, popular keywords and other site information.

Reeder ($2.99): Staying informed is essential, especially if you are freelance journalist. This app lets you view all the important stories from different sites and even syncs the data to your Google Reader.

Notesy ($4.99): This handy app allows you to instantly sync your notes with your iPhone via Dropbox. This works both ways, so if you create and edit notes with a particular desktop app, and then sync it with your iPhone.

Time Scroller ($1.99): In a globalized world, it is not surprising to work for an international clientele. Time is always of the essence and to maintain good relationships with your clients, you need to know their time accurately. This is where Time Scroller comes in. It allows users to easily view the local time in different cities all around the world. The unique feature of this app is that it allows you to scroll ahead in time to view the relevant time in a city your international client is based.