Amongst the many iPhone gadgets, the stuff that really gets us interested is the toys. You can use a variety of different accessories to enhance any part of the iPhone. However, only a few accessories let you relive your childhood in the best ways possible. We all remember having remote controlled toys when we were younger and the excitement of controlling an object can never really go away. Many toys are specially designed for the iPhone including helicopters and cars. The latest addition to the list of iPhone toys comes from Dexim, which has now released a Monster Truck that is compatible with any iDevice.

The truck is controlled wirelessly using and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To operate the truck, users will have to download an app (free) from the App Store called DFSpeed. The truck itself comes with a custom-built RF transmitter. Once you plug it in you will be able to control the truck without much hassle. The control mode allows you to choose between two different sensors: the regular touch sensor or the gravity sensor. The former lets you direct the truck by tapping the directions on the screen. The latter lets you control the truck by tilting the iPhone.

You can also activate the multiplayer mode and race with your friends. In addition, you can also use three different presents, Dance, Spin and Ziplag the truck to music. The truck is also stable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Given the quality of the product, it is also cheaper than many other similar accessories on the market. However, always make sure that you see the truck while using it; otherwise, you might cause an unnecessary accident. The Dexim AppSpped Monster Truck can be bought through its website for $69.90. Keep in mind that you will need to download the app to use the truck.