One of the most popular gaming titles in history, Modern Warfare 3, is now creating a new buzz with plans to launch an app that allows users to customize their combat gear while not on the console or PC. The game is already noted for its very realistic combat experience featuring numerous classes of soldiers, weapons, vehicles and combat maneuvers. The graphics that go into the game are nothing short of amazing but what really attracts gamers is the multiplayer feature, which is allows teams to go at each other with full force. Dedicated gamers spend hours honing their skills and upgrading their gear to become the deadliest virtual warriors.

However, up until now, gamers could only modify their equipment while at the computer or console. Thus, ideas that pop into your head while commuting, eating out or chatting with your friends are at the mercy of your short-term memory. Fortunately, the proposed app is meant to fix that problem, permanently. As a result, gamers can expect to start their games with their guns blazing and with an extra edge over other competitors. The mobile apps for the iPhone and Android devices will feature a similar login mechanism as the one found in the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The standardization of the key features makes this app more user-friendly.
The content available will depend on the subscription you have. Free subscribers will get a standard set of features while “Elite” subscribers will get access to a wider range of content. Overall, this whole process is interesting because it entails staying connected to a game at all time. This maybe a sign of things to come. Soon, we may be able to create strategic moves, change our weapons and fine-tune every detail of the game before going into instant action. Imagine, if you have could plan raids or set up of firing spots via your iPhone, share them with your friends and then login with all the details seamlessly updated on your map? Now that would be extreme.