The iPad is becoming increasingly popular amongst gaming fans and already features a variety of high-end gaming titles. It is also attracting the attention of established hardware makers. If you already own a PC then there is no doubt that you have encountered the Logitech brand. While Logitech is primarily focused on computer hardware, it is slowly beginning to recognize the huge potential in tablet computers especially the iPad. The company released a very interesting gaming accessory called the Logitech Joystick, which is innovative in the sense that it is not an external joystick but rather, it is designed to work with the on-screen joystick or d-pad.

The joystick attaches itself to the iPad with suction cups (thereby preventing any damage to the screen). Inside, a coiled spring keeps the stick centered. The joystick lets users move around depending on the game. According to Logitech, the joystick can be used with almost 32 different games including “Madden NFL 11,” “Call of Duty World at War: Zombies,” “FIFA ’11,” “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within” and “Resident Evil 4.” Naturally, the stick is more focused on racing and shooting games. However, critics have been quick to point out that the list does not include games like “Cut the Rope” and “Fruit Ninjas”. This goes to show that Logitech is still gearing its accessories towards the creation of traditional gaming titles and not ones that have come to take the iOS world by storm.
The Logitech joystick will be sold at $19.99, and is ready for pre-order. There is no doubt that this accessory will be quite popular with a variety of users but the overall market might remain slim for now. However, as the iPad improves in terms of hardware, games will becomes far more sophisticated and this will almost certainly increase the demand of gaming accessories including joysticks.