Apple thrives on myth and rumors. The brand has a particular type of exclusivity attached to it that really enhances its image amongst hardcore iPhone fans. Thus, very few other companies in the world are as heavily monitored as Apple. Every word, every action is diligently marked down and every event becomes something like a cult gathering. This not only makes the iPhone more valuable but the buzz also helps it to generate demand even before unveiling its products. Of course, as we have seen earlier, this has its downsides too. The iPhone 4’s “antenna gate” and other issues surrounding privacy took a heavy toll on the company at the time and many argued that the problem was treated hugely out of proportion. However, that is the cost of maintain that kind of brand culture. The latest set of rumors is focused almost entirely on one event: the unveiling of the new iPhone 5.

Usually, Apple’s annual trend is easy to pinpoint and it is possible to get a good approximate date of the next unveiling. However, due to the delays surrounding the white iPhone 4, Apple decided to delay the launch of the iPhone 5 in order to give more time for retailers to sell it. A few months ago, a date was leaked: October 7. The reliability of such a date was always questionable but now it seems to have a measure of credibility after a recent report (the Boy Genius Report) that claims a high-level AT&T contact has indeed confirmed that the iPhone will be rolled out in “early October.”

This means, that the upcoming weeks will be very busy indeed and the iPhone 5 may officially be unveiled in late September and then offered for sale in early October. However, “early October” does not necessarily mean it will be in October 7, but probably within the first 15 days of the month (which makes it possible but not certain).

Whatever the release date is, Apple does not have much to worry about given the fact that there is souring demand for the as-of-yet released iPhone 5. Apple’s latest launch may see the biggest queues yet.