iFrogz, a company better known for its fine line of iPhone and iPad cases is finally beginning to refocus on its music accessories. The company has cleverly created a strategy emphasizing on style and culture in order to make a stronger appeal to younger generations of the iPhone and iPad users (and they keep getting younger). The latest expansion in the audio line with a variety of exciting earphones with a generous amount of attention devoted to every detail of the accessory.

The largest or the most noticeable of the new audio line is the Vertex ($49.99). These over-the-ear headphones comes equipped with 40mm drivers, AeroFoam cushions and an inline microphone that allow users to make phone calls without having to constantly messing with their headphones. However, despite the amazing sound and comfort that the Vertex delivers, it is still lightweight and foldable. This combination of style, power and mobility seems to be the theme that unites most of the accessories produced by iFrogz.
Another interesting addition is the Frequency headphones, which is of the one-ear variant. This features a woven code and can even be folded flat for easy storage, enhancing the mobility of the accessory.

However, its not only fancy high-end headphones on the list, the company have also released compact earbuds: Transport ($39.99) and TimbrePro ($49.99). The Transport comes with a colored anti-tangle cord. Meanwhile, the TibrePro features small speaker chamber that is made of real wood. This has much to do with sound quality as it does with style. New products also include the Evolution and the Legion, both of which are touted as the next-generation noise-isolating earbuds.

Meanwhile, the company is also investing heavily on other accessories including the UniqueSync 30-pin charge and sync cables designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. These devices also feature colored cables that really set them apart from the competition.