The best way to reduce weight and stay healthy over a long period is to constantly monitor what we put into our bodies. Keeping track of all the food that we eat not only lets us examine the trends in our eating habits but also lets us set targets and monitor our progress over a long period of time. The only problem that most people have is manually entering the information on to the app. unfortunately, unlike a credit card, which automatically records even the smallest transactions and then lets you examine your spending habits, there is no real method of automatically keeping track of all the food you eat. Hence, you need to manually enter the information and the only room for improvement is in the input method. This is the problem that has been identified and properly address by the Calorie Count app, which recently released a new feature that allows users to use a new voice option to enter the relevant data.

The app uses iSpeech and allows users to enter multiple food choices at once with the use of a 15-second voice recording. Once you say type and quantity of the food you ate, the app examines over 250,000 different types of foods to find matching items. The results of the initial tests of the voice app’s accuracy have been very positive, which makes it a worthwhile addition.

If by some chance you want to be more specific, you can use the app’s barcode scanner to instantly record different foods. The app also rates the food from A+ to D- depending on the nutritional information. Other features that are already found on the app include interactive graphs that make it easy to identify your eating habits.

Even after the launching the latest update, the app’s creators, The About Group, have indicated that are planning tweaking the current app and adding some new features. iPhone weight watchers will no doubt be very happy to know this.