No matter what line of work you are in, there is probably an iPhone app out there for you. The best thing about iPhone apps in general is that it suits virtually every situation: travel, entertainment, productivity, news, etc. The following are five random apps that could make your life easier, especially if you live in a large city like New York.

No matter where you live, one the daily challenges you will face will be how to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible for whatever reason (work, travel, vacation, etc.). One of the best apps for this purpose is CityTransit ($2.99), which features updated maps of the entire subway system. Another reliable app is the Exit Strategy ($3.99), which directs travelers to the subway car that will get them closest to the station exit where they are going. This is great for both locals and visitors who are not very familiar with the subway system. The apps not only help prevent you from getting lost but also save you time and spare you the embarrassment of getting down at the wrong stop.

RunKeeper (Free): Staying healthy is no longer optional, it is essential. This area of our lives has also been touched by a variety of iPhone apps that let us accomplish a variety of tasks with relative ease, from counting the calories that go into our body to advising us on the best possible foods for the day. The RunKeeper helps users keep track of their fitness routine by letting your monitor the speed and distance that you travel. The iPhone manages to accomplish the task by using the inbuilt GPS system and even lets your organize and monitor the data on an online account.

White Noise ($1.99): If you live in the city, there is good chance that you will be subjected to constant noise pollution, even at the “quietest” parts of the city. The Solution to this is White Noise. While, we are yet to develop an app that can put an end to noise pollution, but this one lets you drown it out with something more peaceful.

Shadow Cities (free): no iPhone is complete without a ton of gaming apps that really help you understand its entertainment potential. One interesting app of late is Shadow Cities, which requires users to cast spells to control their cities. The most interesting feature of this app is that it uses the GPS system to battle opponents for the territory in which you live and work.