McAfee has long been a giant in the PC security industry. It has a fine line of security software programs for both on-line and off-line use. Now the company plans on entering the smart phone market. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and sophisticated with each passing year. Moreover, while the popularity of smartphones is souring, PC sales have begun to slow-down in an unprecedented manner. The transformation brings its own set of positive and negative consequences. On the positive side, smartphones are spreading the benefits of computing power to a variety of different users. On the negative side, as smartphones begin to resemble miniature computers, they are becoming exposed to a wider array of security threats.


This is exactly the problem that McAfee is focusing on and to this effect it has released it recently launched its fully-fledged data protection app: WaveSecure. The app allows users to back-up their contacts, photos, videos and other information. In addition, it also allows users to remotely track their iPhone via an online McAfee WaveSecure portal. The app also works across different platforms so you can restore your data on to different platform such as Android.
In addition to the standard back up and tracking features, WaveSecure comes with a variety of other features including built-in configuration settings and remote data removal. However, the app does lack some of the features that are available on the Android variant including SMS and call log backup, remote locking and SIM tracking.


The app is currently available on the Apple App Store for $19.99 but is only compatible with iPhones that run iOS 4.0 or later. While the app may seem expensive, most decent security apps cost around the same or even more. Thus, considering the expanding range of security threats that are currently faced by iPhone users, this may indeed be a worthwhile investment.