Students all over the country will be heading in droves to college but to get the best of the iPhone in this new and challenging environment, you need the right kind of accessories.



 iTunesU is a giant database consisting of lectures, slideshows, books, PDFs, books, films, exhibits, audio books and other material from the best universities in the world including Oxford, Harvard, MIT and Stanford. The app makes it easy to find the relevant material in the most user-friendly manner possible. Moreover, the app also features a “Beyond Campus” section that allows students to access information from resources such as the MoMA, New York Public Library, Public Radio International and the PBS stations. The rising availability of such resources has done wonders to encourage and motivate students. In one study, almost 24% of students said they often use videos and podcasts and 12% indicated that they use iTunes as study material. The app is available on the iTunes store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

zBoost Metro

Wireless technology is now definitely mainstream and universities all over have begun embracing the technology because it allows the students to access the internet from any part of the campus and does not require many of the expensive renovations that are necessary to install landlines. However, the problem with wireless signals is that sometimes the overall power of the signal maybe uneven in one part of the campus or dorm. One of the best solutions to this problem is provided by zBoost METRO iPhone signal booster than can enhance the indoor signal for multiple users up to 1500 sq ft and does not require any additional installation. One option would be to get your roommates to pool-in and buy the device or you can ask your university to purchase the system and install it in your area.


Collegiate Cases and Covers

Technology such as the iPhone and iPad can work wonders for students who are trying to get ahead but this is also very expensive. A standard list of gadgets can easily cost a few thousand dollars. That is why it is extra important to spend some money on reliable protection. For this purpose, it would be best to equip your iPhone and iPad with high-end collegiate cases and protectors. You can stop by, which has an extensive range of superb protection accessories.