As students get ready to head to college, retailers are already beginning to scramble to get their attention. There will be plenty of gadgets, textbooks, clothes and other important college essentials that must be bought in order to stay one-step ahead of the competition. The only challenge is to give students the best possible information at anytime of the day, cutting down on the time that must be otherwise spent searching and comparing deals. After all, college students are not millionaires (not most, anyway) so everyone is looking for a good deal.

 One of the most popular retailers, Amazon, has definitely grasped this fact and has already released a new app called Amazon Student to help attract attention to its products and deals. The app allows college students to instantly check the prices of their textbooks and other items, make lists of necessary items that must be bought and sell any used material such as textbooks, games and movies. Furthermore, the app also allows users to post their gadgets for trade-in, which is a great option for users who want to upgrade their equipment before heading back to the new semester.

Like the main app, the Amazon Student also features a barcode scanner that lets users check out the latest prices and deals on a variety of items including books, music, DVDs and other gadgets. The items can be bought immediately and the company will be providing students with a free 2-day shipping on all purchases for 6 months. This is in addition to all the benefits that are currently featured with Amazon Prime.

 The trade-in feature is deserves special attention because not only does it allow students to easily upgrade their material in a low-cost manner. It also, means you will not end up with extra clutter in the new semester. Students will not be getting cash in exchange for trade-ins but will get Amazon gift certificates. Better still, shipping for trade-ins will be free.