In a world in where wireless is becoming the norm, the only exception has been the transfer of power. Fortunately, even in this department, efforts are being made to create wireless power transfer. This means you will no longer have to go hunting for the nearest power outlet to charge your iPhone 4. Instead, you can charge it wirelessly, this means you will not have to handle any wires or opt for expensive recharging accessories that ultimately clutter your entire room or office.

The air voltage allows users to simply put the iPhone 4 into the Charging Sleeve and place the phone on the Charging Mat in order to wirelessly charge the phone. Moreover, you can even use the charging sleeve independently as a protective sleeve for daily use. This is great because you will not have to change cases all the time to charge the iPhone. It also cuts down on the amount you will be paying for accessories because will not have to buy another protective casing for the iPhone 4. The mat can be placed anywhere in the house, so all you have to do is place the iPhone on it and it automatically starts charging.
More than 80 major tech firms will be adopting Qi standards into their product lines in the near future, which will mean that the technology is set for a major boost worldwide. Currently, the technology is still working its way into the mainstream. However, it will not be surprising if this becomes the norms within the next few years.
The Maxell Qi Charging Mat will be available soon. Pricing has not been finalized yet but reports suggest that the price for the charging mat will be under $100 and the price of the charging sleeve will be somewhere around $50. The system will be also available in two colours: black or white.