TinyChat has released its first iOS app: TinyChat FB. This innovative app allows users to have a video chat with up to 12 Facebook friends through the iPhone.

Unlike other video chat apps like Fring, Tango or Skype, users will not have to have the app installed in order to take part in the chat. Moreover, users can log-into the app via Facebook. Once the app has been downloaded, it will display a complete list of the users FB friends. Users can then invite their friends by clicking on their names, which will send them a message reading “I’m video chatting on my iPhone, click the link to video chat with me”, with an accompanying link. Friends can be removed from the list through the users tab.

The TinyChat FB app is compatible with the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The only requirement is that you have 12 friends who are able and willing to have a video conference call with you. On a personal note, as a frequent user of Skype it is important to note that even conference calls with a handful of people could quickly become messy, and one could wonder how 12 people can actually maintain a coherent video conference. However, the creators of the TinyChat FB app insist that it is already becoming a major hit amongst teenagers since it take socializing to a completely new level. It also makes FB a more viable platform against the emerging Google+, which also provides video chat for multiple users.

The app seems to be steaming ahead with over 30 million minutes of video chat and 100,000 additional users per day. The app has also become a hit amongst various celebrities including P.Diddy and Lady Gaga.  The central appeal of the app will still be the fact that it is designed for complete mobility. However, despite its vast capabilities, one could only wonder how many chats actually exceed about 5-6 people.