Information is key to keeping costs down. If you can manage all the relevant data, then you can get an accurate picture of how much you are spending and then manage your budget accordingly. This is where mobile phones in general have caused a bit of a revolution. They make the exchange of information nearly instantaneous, which helps people save money. Smart phones have certainly enhanced this whole effect and there is now a host of apps to help you monitor and reduce costs in virtually every part of your life. The following are some innovative apps for the iPhone that are designed to help you reduce fuel costs.

AAA TripTik Mobile: This app helps you find the lowest prices in the local area or while travelling. It shows information for all grades of fuel. Moreover, it also provides directions to other interesting places like hotels, restaurants or local sights. The best part is that it even allows you to call these places for reservations. Similar apps include Gas Buddy and Local Gas Prices.

CarEconomy: This app calculates your car’s average fuel economy. If you upgrade the app, it will show you fuel economy information in real-time.

Gas Cubby: This app calculates the gas mileage and vehicle maintenance cost. It then displays information like MPG, gas prices and fuel/maintenance costs in a chart format. You can also use the app to provide you with helpful reminders.

Gas Manager: This app automatically tracks fuel economy, fuel cost and distanced travelled. It can even crunch through this data to provide a picture of your carbon footprint. It can also locate gas stations, hotels and service centers within the local area.

Road Trip Lite: This is great for all those users who have multiple vehicles. Like the others, this app can calculate a car’s fuel economy, maintenance and fuel costs. It also allows users to import and export data to Microsoft Office.