Facebook may see new competition in the form of Google+ and Twitter but it still boasts over 750 million active users. Interestingly, the social networking site is also highly frequented by smartphone users (57% according to Ofcom). iPhone users, in particular are more inclined to browse the web than those of rival platforms.

No small wonder then as to why numerous Facebook apps have come about since the inception of the iPhone. Facebook compliments the iPhone in sense that it allows users to maintain multiple social connections without having to reveal sensitive information or even the phone number. However, before installing any Facebook apps make sure that you go through the privacy settings to ensure that you do not accidently reveal anything that you are not comfortable with. You can do this by accessing the setting on the iPhone or your Facebook page.

The following are the best free Facebook apps for the iPhone.

Facebook for iPhone

The official Facebook app is quite decent and features all the necessary functions you would need to properly access your Facebook. The latest version also addresses various bugs and even improves the chat feature.


This app allows users to shoot video clips through their iPhone and then directly post it on Facebook. Users will also be able to tag their friends.


This VoIP app allows users to call each other via their Facebook page without revealing the phone number.

Video Call for Facebook

Facebook recently manage to integrate Skype into the chat feature. This app allows users to make video calls to their Facebook friends through the iPhone.


This app allows users to “check in” to a particular place and find other friends in the area. Depending on the privacy settings, you will be able to figure out where your friends are and what pictures they have posted while the immediate area.