Last week we looked at some interesting apps that can really help journalists on the move. This week we look at a few more interesting apps. iOS devices allow journalists to access incredible amount of material and do unprecedented amount of work while they are moving from place to place. Devices like the iPhone and iPad allow previously unimaginable amount of flexibility with regards to the working environment. This means more work can be done and less time is wasted while travelling around.

iMovie ($4.99)

This handy app lets you use your iPad or iPhone to quickly capture and edit short video clips and post it on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and CNN iReport. This removes the need for additional steps and allows reporters to get things done quickly and easily.

Evernote (free)

Evernote lets users add a variety of text, audio and images to documents via an iOS device. The app can be also be accessed through other devices, which makes it very convenient. The app does not just help users organize their notes, it also sports some very interesting features including “geo-tagging”.

WordPress (free)

This app lets you write, edit posts on your blog at any time via your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This is best way to update your blog while on the move, no matter where you are.

Twitter, Facebook, Google + (free)

Something many journalists or writers have unwisely ignored over the years has been social networking. Websites like Twitter and Facebook (more recently, Google+) have revolutionized the way in which media is created and shared on-line. News now freely flows from social networking sites and it is becoming a viable rival to mainstream news networks. Hence, it is more important than ever before to have apps for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so that you can keep touch with particular individuals or follow entire stories.