Most iPhone cases under review provide often specialize in two things: style or functionality. The most stylist cases are usually the least functional. Meanwhile, the most effective cases are those that usually look bulky or expand the elegant size of the iPhone 4. A few manufactures have managed to bridge the gap between functionality and style by creating thin, beautiful cases that provide robust protection against impact, water, dust, snow, etc. However, this is usually done with a huge increase in price and some of the most effective cases could easily reach $100 dollars and seldom go for anything less than $50. Therefore, it is a relief that RainBallet, created by the Joy Factory, can now provide robust protection at $49.95.


Key Features
• Compatible with iPhone 4 (AT&T, Verizon)
• Resistant to damage from rain, water jets, sweat or splashes
• Intelli-filter designed blocks water and not sound
• Built-in shock-resistant structure provides extra protection
• Front and back Sharpvue™ lenses for high-quality photos and videos through the case
• Meets IPX7 standards
For the price of the product, RainBallet sure is worth it. The case provides all round protection from virtually every extreme environment and protects against elements such as dust, water and impact related accidents. The case can even protect the iPhone 4 if it has the misfortune of being fully submerged in water.
However, the most interesting feature of the case is the so called “Intelli-filter” which works to block out water but not sound. This way, the sound quality of the iPhone 4 while encased in the Rainballet will be no different from an ordinary un-protected iPhone.
Another feature that will especially appeal to iPhone photographers is the Sharpvue lenses on the front and back of the case. This transforms the iPhone into a high-quality waterproof camera. This allows you to take pictures from in wet environments, even in a semi-submerged position. The case also includes a cool sweat-proof armband that will let you carry it with you anywhere.