This blog has devoted special attention to the public service potential of the iPhone and has documented various apps that provide amazing services to the weakest and most vulnerable elements of our society. The iPhone has already helped revolutionize teaching children with development challenges, help raise awareness of causes and done tons of other amazing things that would otherwise cost a lot more in terms of both time and money. Recently, the FBI released another app that may help thousands of parents who are unfortunate enough to lose their children: the Child ID app.

Every year, thousands of children go missing. Most often, they are accidentally lost while travelling with their parents but every now and then, a significant minority are kidnapped, abused or murdered when authorities fail to act fast enough. In cases of missing children, time is everything and the sooner the child is declared missing the sooner resources can be devoted to finding that missing child. Moreover, a quick response may actually help deter predators on the lookout for vulnerable children and will help law enforcement official to work through their caseload even faster.
The Child ID app allows parents to store vital information regarding their children such as photos, height, weight, etc. This is basic information that is required in missing-children cases. The app includes a shortcut button, when pressed, that automatically forwards all the necessary information to the relevant law enforcement officials.
The app is currently available as a free download and the FBI will be introducing it to other platforms such as Android. For those concerned with privacy, the FBI went further to reassure parents, saying in a press release that information stored by the app would not be stored or shared online. Instead, all the data will remain on the mobile device unless a parent or other individual decides to send it to authorities.