The iPhone and the iPad have touched virtually every profession in the world. From boardrooms to the battlefields, virtually every environment and profession seems to have a variety of dedicated apps. This is certainly beneficial for all those who have grown accustomed to taking their iPads or iPhones with them wherever they go. One of the most intense professions in which an iOS device will come in hand is journalism. Reports cover a variety of situations ranging from politics to wars and therefore having versatile devices like the iPhone or iPad can really make a difference in getting ahead of the competition and making a mark on the world.

Some of the best apps for journalists are as follows.

CoveritLive (free app)

This app is fully integrated with the CoveritLive platform. The app allows users to publish audio, video and photos in real time. In addition, you can even approve comments, post and manage Tweets, publish live commentary and manage your entire broadcast via this app. You can even work on it offline and the app supports multi-tasking amongst its other amazing features.

Dragon Dictation (free)

When you are on the move, sitting down and typing or writing an article can be nearly impossible. This is where dragon dictation comes in. The app feature s software that will communicate with the Nuance voice recognition server and convert your audio transcripts into text. The app lets you send tweets, SMS, notes and emails.

You can even paste the text onto any other application via the clipboard. However, you will need an active connection to use this app. It does not work offline.

Report-IT Live ($29.99)

This app is specifically designed to help you broadcast live. It records audio in HD quality and then sends it over a 3G or Wi-Fi network to your IP-enabled audio set-up in the studio. You can also get messages for the studio directly to your system. The system does not require any additional equipment, which is great for users who are constantly on the move. You can also save audio segments for future broadcast.