Amongst the most versatile keyboards on the market today for the iPad is the Arpeggio Bluetooth Keyboard Kit. This wonderfully efficient piece of technology is created by the Joy Factory, which already has a history of churning out excellent accessories. Moreover, the system works well with both the iPad and iPad 2. It also comes with a dual-pocket Carry bag.

Key Features
• Compatible with iPad or Mac
• Bluetooth Class 2 compatible—(Range: 33 feet)
• Excellent keyboard design, featuring special multimedia keys
• Lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery with recharge time under an hour
• Intelligent power usage
• Includes padded, dual pocket carry bag
Unlike standard keyboard kits that simply add to the baggage and require all you to utilize all your organizational skills just to stay one-step ahead of an impending disaster, the Arpeggio kit allows you to type your emails, documents and notes, pack your keyboard and iPad and then get going on your way. This is great for all sorts of users from the average college student to a journalist on the move.
The best thing about the kit is that it does not require any wires or cables that needlessly add to the hassle of work. In fact, the Apreggio can work from up to 33 feet away from the iPad. Moreover, it also features an array of special multimedia keys to make things easier.
The keyboard also features a lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery, which allows users to recharge their keyboard in less than 60 minutes and helps cut down on wasted time.  The intelligent software that sends it to sleep after just four minutes further enhances the efficiency of the battery.
One detail that tends to be overlooked is the dual-pocket padded carry bag that accommodates the iPad and the Arpeggio Keyboard. The entire system costs $99.95.