MyWi users beware – your bill may be larger than usual next month.

If you recall back in March, Planet-iPhones released an article about the how AT&T was sending emails to customers that had been tethering without paying for the appropriate plan. The email stated that to continue tethering they would need to sign up for a tethering plan voluntarily or they would be automatically switched to that plan. 

This week AT&T has started to make good on their threats however, and customers have started to receive notices that they will finally be switched to a plan with tethering. Customers that are grandfathered into the unlimited data plan will lose that option, and they will go to the 2GB cap. The AT&T website has been updated to read “DataPro 4GB is required for use of Internet Tethering or Personal Hotspot.” The plan of course carries a larger monthly cost at $45.